About us

A world leading commodity broker, providing clients with unrivalled breadth of coverage in metals, energy and agricultural markets, with leading franchises, and extensive range of services and intellectual content across all commodity markets.


World leading commodity broker

Marex Spectron is a world leading commodity broker offering unrivalled breadth of commodity market coverage across Metals, Agricultural and Energy products, with extensive services, diversified client base, platform scalability, and leading proprietary technology, data and analytics offerings.

While other competitors might match our offering in one specific commodity category, we are unique for being top ranked across Metals, Energy and Agricultural products.

Markets and products

In Metals, we provide brokerage and market making services for base and precious metals (Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead and Gold). We are the leading Ring Dealer on the LME and Number 1 in Copper on the CME.

In Agriculture, we are primarily a broker, but also provide market making in specific option products (Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar and Grains). 

In Energy, we provide agency brokerage across OTC and Exchange Cleared Contracts, with a focus on Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, Iron Ore, Coal, Crude, Light Ends, Environmental and Freight.

We also offer clients a fully customisable OTC derivative solutions service via Marex Solutions that complements the off-the-shelf exchange and OTC traded hedging instruments available through the Metals, Agriculture and Energy broking teams.

In our clearing business, every day we are clearing over one million contracts on exchange and executing over 26 million trades a year for clients.  

Data, technology & Intelligence

Marex Spectron provides clients with more than just access to market liquidity and management of order-flow (screen, voice and Direct Market Access), we also have extensive data and analysis.  

With funds and money managers increasingly reliant on quantitative data to support their trading and execution decisions, we have developed Nanolytics, our industry leading anlaytics tool.  

We have invested in 'Intelligence' (including proprietary quantitative models) and 'Content' (quotes, reports, research).  On the technology front, we offer clients our NEON platform, a proprietary trading, risk and data platform. 

Global Organisation 

Today we are operating out of 10 offices globally, with over 500 employees in Europe, North America and Asia. 


Marex Spectron is regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority, which also regulates our Group under consolidated supervision, in the US by the National Futures Association and the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission, in Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission, and in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the International Exchange Singapore.