EU Power

December 5, 2017

The Research Team offers its view on the EU power market.


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4 December 2017 

  • Total power production is forecasted to increase (week-on-week) during the next 5 days. A noticeable curb is expected during week 50. Both German and French predicted outages are seen to decrease. However, the decline of the former will be relatively small. Renewables are expected to be strong during the first part of the 10-day period. Winds are seen to decline into week 50.
  • While the next few days will be characterized by milder temperatures (western Europe and parts of central Europe), colder than average conditions are forecasted to take over from Thursday / Friday. The cold weather scenario is expected to persist into week 50 as well, leading to a significant cold snap. Fossil fuels capacity utilization is predicted to be on the weak side.
  • The macroeconomic conditions are currently associated with counteracting trends. The PMI has exceeded the 62-threshold (62.50, November data). The industrial production is overall on a positive trend. However the latest data in our hands indicate a slowdown of the cement production.