Cultural Values

At Marex Spectron, we understand the importance of having a strong set of cultural values. A successful firm needs to be underpinned by such values, which are understood by all and embedded into the fabric of the firm.



Clients are at the heart of our business, with superior execution and superb client service the foundation of the firm. We respect our clients and always treat them fairly.

Personal integrity

Doing business the right way is the only way. We hold ourselves to a high ethical standard in everything we do – our clients expect this and we demand it of ourselves.


We work in teams - open and direct communication and the willingness to work hard and collaboratively are the basis for effective team work. Working well with others is necessary for us to succeed at what we do.

Developing our people

Our people are the basis of our competitive advantage. We look to “grow our own” and make Marex Spectron the place ambitious, hardworking, talented people choose to build their careers.


Our size and flexibility is an advantage. We are big enough to support our client’s various needs, and adaptable and nimble enough to respond quickly to changing conditions or requirements.  A non-bureaucratic, but well controlled environment fosters initiative as well as employee satisfaction.


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