US Natural Gas

March 26, 2020

The Research Team reviews the US Natural Gas market


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26 March 2020

  • Our proprietary interconnector flows indicator has shown considerable fluctuation over the past several weeks. As it stands, interconnector flows are set to decrease again. Furthermore, our implied spot supply index shows supply has tightened since last week. However, our implied forward supply indicator suggests this will not continue. Our proprietary storage injections index shows that current destocking rates are greater than the long-term average. As we are fast approaching the restocking phase, it will be interesting to see how this progresses.
  • Our medium-term implied forward demand model projects the demand for the next 15 days by considering the weather forecasted for this time. Only two clusters, rather than our usual three, have been produced on this run and suggest an increase in demand over the coming fortnight as the current high-pressure over the east coast weakens. Therefore, our short-term implied forward demand indicator, which looks at the week ahead, also shows a weakening in demand. Our implied spot demand indicator has shown increasing demand since week #11. Although, the rate of increase in demand seems to have slowed.
  • Our money flow index shows continued increasing money flow since week 11, although the rate of increase has slowed.



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