Market Data

Marex Spectron has operated in its core commodity markets for decades, helping to shape their development and tracking their performance over the long-term.


Marex Spectron’s market data is used by many thousands of energy professionals globally to monitor and analyse markets.

Our services include:    

Real-time screens and apps – As live price windows on the markets they have become a must-have for anyone seriously tracking energy or freight prices. With a high level of functionality and user-friendliness, access is quick and extremely simple to set up. Real-time prices are also available via a raw datafeed.  

Daily price reports, tools and feeds – Marex Spectron publishes closing prices for a wide range of energy, freight and environmental markets. Available via pdf, Excel, FTP or our interactive tool Spectrometer Plus the data is available within minutes of the markets closing.    

Historical Prices – Marex Spectron has a wealth of quality historical energy, freight and environmental markets data, going back as far as 2000. Three types of historical data are available: closing price data, trade data (itemised with price, volume and time) and tick data (itemised bids and offers).  

UK gas and power market analysis – in our hugely popular twice per month report Market Pulse.

Redistribution licences and enterprise licences are available for all Marex Spectron data services – all of which can be white-labelled.   


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