Market Intelligence

As a leading expert in commodity markets, Marex Spectron offers clients a high degree of intelligence, insight, knowledge and data in Metals, Energy and Agricultural markets.


It is our focus on Energy and the Commodities markets that gives us unrivalled insight and ownership of matchless market data, commentary and insights.

From a leading position in our markets, we produce highly regarded and well read commodity insights across energy, base metals and ferrous metals, and agricultural markets.

A rare combination of in-depth market knowledge, advanced modelling techniques, coupled with strong links with the academic world, places our team at the forefront of market analysis in these sectors. 

Our Fundamental Research team is made up of industry specialists, meteorologists and data scientists and believes that fundamentals ultimately drive price discovery for commodity markets and that frequently fundamentals are incorrectly priced by market forces or their impact is mistimed.

We have developed a research platform - based on sophisticated and rigorously tested proprietary and macro-economic models - which allows clients to identify dislocation in fundamentals in the most appropriate time frames, in turn revealing potential cross-market/cross-commodity arbitrage opportunities.

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