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Marex Spectron is one of North America's most respected brokers of environmental products


Marex Spectron’s US Environmental Brokerage Desk was established in 2005. Over the past nine years, Marex Spectron has developed into an industry leader for Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) monetization and continues to excel in the US Emissions markets. Our team transacts Solar, Wind, Land-Fill Gas (LFG), Biomass, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Hydro and Fuel-Cell Technology RECs on a daily basis as well as Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Allowances and California Carbon Allowances (CCAs), providing our clients with the most transparent, efficient and cost-effective way to monetize their environmental products.


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Our institutional REC clients are S&P 500 companies, Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, private businesses, municipalities, townships, universities, school districts, and professional renewable energy developers. Marex Spectron assists our clients by marketing their RECs to a diverse pool of regulated utilities, load serving entities (LSEs), investment-grade energy companies, and competitive electricity suppliers (CESs). Marex Spectron routinely achieves institutional REC prices for institutional renewable energy generators in a secure and seamless manner.

Marex Spectron is one of largest volume SREC brokerage firms/marketplaces. Institutional solar generators gain direct access to a diverse pool of creditworthy utility and energy companies. Marex Spectron specializes in large volume transactions, so institutional clients can achieve institutional prices for their SRECs.

Marex Spectron facilitates spot and long-term REC and SREC contracts for institutional renewable energy generators. Our team of experienced brokers secures price, quantity, duration, and delivery for REC and SREC contracts. Institutional generators use Marex Spectron to achieve forward REC and SREC sales to mitigate price risk, lock in profits, and contract directly with creditworthy utility and energy companies.

Both REC and SREC markets are extremely volatile by nature. Our Environmental team advises our clients on REC and SREC risk management strategies that minimize risk and maximize reward. Our team of skilled professionals constructs forward pricing curves, devises supply and demand scenarios, customizes blended spot and long-term bilateral REC and SREC contracts, guides clients through financing programs, interprets renewable energy legislation, and provides market intelligence to ensure that our client's investment is a success.

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