Precious Metals

The Precious Metals team is one of the best known in the market place.


In Precious Metals we offer 24-hour global Futures and OTC coverage in Gold and Silver.

We are a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and CME (COMEX / NYMEX) providing execution and clearing services to Industrial participants, Hedge Funds, CTAs and Trade Houses.

Execution Services for Electronic Traded Derivatives (ETD) & Over the Counter (OTC) are available for:

  • Spot, Forwards, Futures
  • Direct Market Access: Spot, Forwards, Futures
  • Options (ETD & vanilla OTC)
  • Benchmark pricing
  • OTC margin trading
  • EFPs
  • OTC averaging


Precious Metals App

The app can be downloaded for IOS and Android devices. A Marex Spectron account is required, although a demonstration account is available. Any questions do call the team. 




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